EASA Base Maintenance Technicians

  1. The effective organization of aircraft maintenance works in the team according to established and approved schedule:

a. Managing the team mechanics work;

b. Daily teamwork guidance according to the plans provided by the leader;

c. Reporting to the leader on the completed works during the day;

  1. Co-operation with other company departments and offices of external organizations involved in technical maintenance process.
  2. Carrying out ME-TA or AV functions (According to MMM, MOE and other procedures).
  3. Be authorized to releasing to service for aircraft components.
  4. Be authorized to repairing the defects founded on A/C component.
  5. Be authorized to certifying the work operated by others.      
  6. Use of tools and equipment.
  7. Use of current data.
  8. Ensure the completed work meet the airworthiness requirements.
  9. Carry out and sign Base maintenance job cards within scope of authorizations.
  10. To rectify all defects within scope of authorizations.
  11. Effective works distribution for mechanics according to the qualification and experience, work load, work priorities;
  12. Prevent damage to aircrafts, aircraft parts, tools and equipment;
  13. Ensure Mechanics’ work and production activities accord with discipline;
  14. Motivate and Coaches the mechanics;
  15. Help for technical problems;
  16. Ensuring Routine/Non-Routine Job Cards are stamped and closed after maintenance work;
  17. Ensure Mechanics obey the rules of work safety, fire safety, and internal work regulations;                                                
  18. Max commercial benefit of the projects
  19. Ensure mechanics use and store the tools in right way;
  20. To use the material reasonably;
  21. Obey the aircraft maintenance regulations;
  22. Ensuring all special equipment to be used according to approved manuals and operate by the mechanics who having enough qualification, knowledge, experience.
  1. Education: College or above (inclusive); Major in aviation engineering or maintenance.
  2. At least 2 years of base maintenance work experience as technician ME-TA or AV;
  3. Familiar with aircraft construction, development rules, maintenance technology. Control and manage the technical condition of the spare parts  
  4. Enriched working experience and operation records;
  5. Hold EASA-66 License and have the type of Airbus A319/A320/A321 CFM/V2500 or / and Boeing B737-600/700/800/900 signed on. Have been trained in Module9 and Module10 will be preference
  6. Good computer skills;
  7. English requirements: CET-4 (inclusive) or above or through the company's professional English assessment;
  8. Ability to coordinate working plan and maintenance schedule with relevant departments.
How to Apply:

If you are interested in this role, please send a full resume to HR@Flari.aero

HR Contact

China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited

Human Resources Department