OEM Contracts Manager


Managing CALC’s contractual rights and obligations under our contractual agreements with Boeing:

  • Act as the primary day-to-day interface with Boeing for the on-going execution and administration of contracts.
  • Ensure that all of CALC’s contractual obligations are met and that all stakeholders are aware of decisions and deadlines.
  • Prepare and manage the aircraft delivery process up to and including transfer of title to the aircraft (including aircraft/engine price calculation, preparation and/or review and signature of delivery documents upon the Transfer of Title).
  • Liaise with Sales, Legal, Technical and other internal colleagues to assist in the placement of Boeing aircraft.
  • Provide analysis and insight to support decisions and resolve disputes.
  • Maintain databases to assist in the management of CALC’s placement activities and contractual obligations.


Supporting Senior Management in the negotiation of new aircraft and engine deals:

  • Assess demand for aircraft and engine types by understanding aircraft capability and economic performance, OEM sales and availabilities, on-going technical issues, equipment replacement cycles and other market trends.
  • With the Transaction team, assess high-level business cases for acquiring aircraft and engine types.
  • Manage internal and external processes to request proposals for additional aircraft and engines.
  • Provide expert insight and analysis of existing contracts and proposed new deals.
  • With Senior Management, develop and execute negotiation strategies to achieve best value for CALC.


Developing and maintaining on-going relationships with OEMs:

  • Understanding OEMs’ organisations and relevant stakeholders and decision-makers and developing relationships with these individuals.
  • Facilitating C-level engagement between CALC and OEMs.
  • Developing and maintaining positive working-level relationships with OEMs, even during times of tension.
  • Coordinating CALC’s involvement in OEM-organised events, representing CALC where appropriate.


Managing and supporting projects for the OEM Procurement team and other departments:

  • Wide-ranging projects including those to support new aircraft placement, complex airline deals, improve cross-department working and enhance the OEM Procurement team’s effectiveness.


Continuous improvement within the OEM Procurement team:

  • Support and lead initiatives to improve internal processes to govern and control OEM matters.
  • Working with Legal, Technical, Transaction and Sales teams, identify areas for improvement in OEM contracts, identify ‘best-in-class’ terms across existing contracts and gather market intelligence to identify ‘best practice’ for achievable contract terms.
  • Provide cover for other colleagues, especially for new aircraft deliveries.
  • On-going personal development aimed at improving personal and team effectiveness.
  • Bachelor’s degree 2.1 or higher.
  • Three years’ experience in a commercial or technical aviation field, ideally in an airline Fleet Planning or Aircraft Procurement team or a lessor Aircraft Procurement team.
  • Experience working with Airbus and/or Boeing and, ideally knowledge of new aircraft purchase agreements.



Please send your CV to Recruit_global@calc.com.hk

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