Analyst Coverage
  • Sonya Pu


  • Xinxing Cheng

    Everbright Securities

  • Paul Yong


  • Shirui Ouyang

    Soochow Securities (HK)

  • Kelvin Lau

    Daiwa Capital Markets

  • Michelle Ma


  • May Zhao

    Zhongtai International

  • Maggie Wang

    BOCOM International

  • Lawrence Chen

    CCB International

Attention: This list is posted not for the purpose of soliciting or recommending trading in CALC's shares, but for the purpose of providing investors with information about analysts who analyze the performance, etc. of CALC and make forecasts, along with their institution affiliations. Analysts included and not included on this list analyze the performance and operations, etc. of CALC and forecast financial results based on their independent judgment. In addition, CALC will not support or guarantee the forecasts, opinions or recommendation of these analysts.
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