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China Aircraft Leasing Company delivers first A300-600F aircraft under agreement to purchase three A300-600F aircraft and lease six A320 aircraft with China Eastern Airlines

May 20, 2013, Hong Kong - China Aircraft Leasing Company (“CALC” or the “Company”), a fast growing aircraft leasing company with offices in Hong Kong and Beijing, is pleased to announce that it has finalized its purchase of three used A300-600F aircraft and operating lease of six brand new A320 aircraft.


The first of three A300-600 freighter aircraft was acquired from China Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited (“CEA”) and simultaneously delivered to a new operator based in Europe on May 16, 2013. This Aircraft is a vintage 1989, among one of the first Airbus aircraft imported into China as passenger aircraft. While two more A300-600Fs are intended to be delivered to CALC during the course of this year, CEA has agreed to lease six new A320 aircraft from CALC, which per this agreement will be delivered in 2014.


CALC has a professional team to handle the aircraft trading of used aircraft as well as the marketing of new aircraft for operating leasing. Also, CALC is in discussion with other top tier Chinese airlines to facilitate the phase out of their older aircraft, and to introduce modern ones.


Through its strategic dual-platform structure, CALC offers flexible and competitive remarketing and leasing solutions to its customers inside and outside China. As an independent lessor CALC takes advantage of the extensive international financial network in Hong Kong and China, and has access to a wide range of sustainable sources of financing from the region and beyond.


For more information, please contact:
Jens Dunker, Managing Director - Aircraft Trading
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