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CALC pulls together aviation resources to assist Tencent
in delivery of critical medical supplies to health care workers in New York

Hong Kong – 14 May 2020 – CALC was proud to work with Tencent as well as its airline clients and aviation industry partners to support the delivery of a shipment of around a million medical-grade respiratory masks to frontline healthcare workers in the State of New York in early April.


On 24 March, Tencent launched the Global Anti-Pandemic Fund to support international efforts against COVID-19, focusing on the sourcing and donation of medical supplies, such as PPE and other essential products, for hospitals and front-line healthcare workers in urgent need.


A special task force has been set up at CALC to proactively gather industry resources and identify the most efficient ways of shipment amid the significantly contracted air freight capacities globally during these unprecedented challenging times. Thanks to the long-established relationships with airline clients and other industry stakeholders in China, the CALC team has been receiving prompt responses and valuable advices for the urgent freight transport capacities in need. Subsequent to this delivery of medical supplies to New York, CALC has also been working with various organizations to utilize its airlift capacities to help transport supplies to frontline health-care workers around the world fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic.


Mr. Mike POON, Chief Executive Officer of CALC said, “CALC has been proud to be part of this project with Tencent to deliver essential medical supplies to healthcare workers across the world. We stand by our responsibilities as global citizens. Our hearts are always with all those on the frontlines who have been working strenuously in containing the coronavirus pandemic during these challenging times. With strong connections with governments, shareholders, customers, peers, and other relevant parties in the community, CALC is committed to bringing value-added solutions to all stakeholders in the aviation industry. Through this facemask transport project, we are proud to have taken our significance to the next level.”


The facemask transport project is part of the larger CALC effort in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier, CALC also had joined forces with its major shareholder China Everbright Limited in charity projects in support the overwhelmed frontline helpers in several Chinese cities. The Group has, to date, donated more than HK$2 million worth of supplies, including thousands of N95 masks, protective body gears and medical goggles.

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