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CALC (1848.HK) Announces Tender Offer to Purchase Outstanding USD Bonds

Hong Kong, 6 September 2023 - China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited(“CALC” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”; HKEX stock code: 01848), released announcement detailing the commencement of a tender offer to purchase for cash the outstanding amount of two USD bonds due 2024 (the “Offers”).


The Offers are being made as part of the Group’s proactive approach in debt management aiming to enhance its international credit rating. This shall reduce short-term liabilities and optimize the debt structure to control interest expenses. The Offers will be funded through the Company’s operational cash flows and/or existing cash on its balance sheet.


The Offers are made on the terms and subject to the conditions contained in the tender offer memorandum dated 6 September 2023. The Offers commence on 6 September 2023 and will end at 16:00 hours (London time) on 14 September 2023. The two USD bonds to be purchased under the tender offer memorandum include the US$200 million 5.50% Guaranteed Bonds (Stock Code: 05391.HK) due March 2024 and US$100 million 4.85% Guaranteed Notes (Stock Code: 40972.HK) due December 2024 with purchase price of US$982 and US$935 per US$1,000 principal amount, respectively.


Mr. Mike Poon, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of CALC, remarked, “The Group boasts highly liquid quality assets and maintains financial strength with sufficient liquidity. We have strong confidence in achieving sustainable business growth along with recovery in aviation. By proactively managing our liabilities to optimize our debt structure, we aim to further improve our operational and financial robustness through various measures so as to move towards investment-grade credit rating and create long-term returns and value for our shareholders and the broader investment community.”

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