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CALC delivers one A330-243 to Air China

On 1 August 2013, China Aircraft Leasing Company Limited (“CALC”) completed the delivery of a new A330-243 to Air China at Airbus in Toulouse. It has been the third delivery through sale and lease back transactions between two parties.


A330-243 is a sophisticated aircraft type in A330 Family. Equipped with 772C-60 engines, the aircraft entails extremely low operating costs but with the highest efficiency among other aircraft types, which is benefitted from the continuing improvement. The aircraft has PTV equipment and excellent stability, giving comfort like home. It is believed to reduce operating costs further and lessen the burden of increasing number of flights during summer holidays.


CALC is supported by its strong shareholders with a main focus on China market. We strive for rendering high quality full-line service for our airlines customers, which is promised by our countless experience accumulated in aircraft leasing. Not only do we provide bespoke and innovative leasing solutions with various value-added elements for airlines, but also the best service.

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