CALC: A full value-chain aircraft solutions provider

CALC differentiates itself in the aircraft leasing sector by managing the full lifecycle of aircraft, enhancing asset value and offering a one-stop solution for clients, beyond just leasing and financing. This strategy boosts revenue and strengthens global partnerships, making CALC an essential player in the aviation industry.

  • Aircraft Leasing and Sourcing

    Aircraft Leasing and Sourcing

    CALC sources globally for both new and used aircraft, engaging in long-term operational leasing by ordering directly from OEMs or through purchase-and-leaseback (PLB) with airlines. Expertise in tailoring transaction structures based on deal requirements, optimizing fleet portfolios, and enhancing asset value through proactive management. Additionally, we actively collaborate with airlines worldwide, always in pursuit of new partnership opportunities.

  • Fleet Upgrade Solutions and PLB

    CALC offers value added new aircraft leasing and PLB services, tailored to meet the operational needs of airlines. Our experience and strength in seeking and promoting used aircraft in the international second-hand aircraft market make us one of the few lessors in China capable of providing comprehensive fleet planning upgrade and package deal solutions to meet the growing and flexible demand of airlines.

    Fleet Upgrade Solutions and PLB

  • Aircraft Trading and Asset Management

    Aircraft Trading and Asset Management

    Aircraft trading is our recurrent business, encompassing the sale of newer portfolios with leases attached to buyers or investors; the acquisition of aircraft portfolios with or without leases to purchase mid-life or older aircraft assets; and providing asset management services through our aircraft investment platform, including lease management, offer diversified financing tools for investors, or joint ventures with partners.

  • Used Aircraft Sustainability Solutions

    Leveraging through its affiliate China Aviation Aftermarket (CAAM), CALC focuses on providing one-stop services for the global aircraft aftermarket, specializing the asset management and trading of mid-life and older aircraft. Utilizing two aircraft recycling and remanufacturing bases located in Memphis, USA, and Harbin, China, China Aviation Aftermarket offers comprehensive sustainability solutions for mid-life and older aircraft, including aircraft sales, engine solutions and sales, airframe & MRO, components supply and stub-life lease.

    Used Aircraft Sustainability Solutions

  • MRO & Components Sales

    MRO & Components Sales

    The MRO facility of CAAM located within the Harbin Airport flight control zone, offers aircraft base maintenance services, airframe disassembly, and component pooling services. With over a million parts in inventory, we can meet the parts needs of most aircraft models, provide real-time warehouse inquiries, and support global distribution services.