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Universal Asset Management launches cabin door trainers manufactured from disassembled Airbus A320

Hong Kong and Memphis, Tennessee (January 7, 2022) – Universal Asset Management, Inc. (UAM), CALC’s global disassembly & distribution platform, is pleased to announce that its expert aircraft technical team has successfully developed and manufactured an over wing emergency exit trainer and a main entry-door trainer from the materials taken from an Airbus A320 currently undergoing disassembly. The fully functional trainers, which were designed with support from the Global Crossing Airlines (GlobalX) technical team, will serve as the official training platform for the carrier to train its flight attendants in Miami.



Designed for training cabin crew on the operation of the doors in all conditions, functions of these door trainers include passenger seating, crew seating, window visual simulations, overhead bins and overwing exit, which can simulate any of the different scenarios that cabin crews may experience in actual operations. These one-of-a-kind trainers that UAM has manufactured from aftermarket material are expected to be certified by the FAA to train all flight attendants for the GlobalX fleet.


Mr. Mike Poon, CEO of CALC, said, “We are excited to see another achievement in product innovation by UAM. With the creativity and technical expertise of the team, CALC has further strengthened its capability to extract maximum value along an aircraft life cycle for which its business model is designed. While investing in the most popular and fuel-efficient new generation aircraft models, it is CALC’s priority to deepen its engagement in the end-of-life aircraft disposal and aftermarket segments, taking reference to the aviation net zero initiatives and commitment in facilitating the industry development.  We are proud to have progressively developed into an active participant in recycling and sustainability in the global aviation sector.”


Mr. Richard Spaulding, President of UAM added, “Thanks to the trust and support of GlobalX, UAM has expanded its product offerings by adding this cost efficient product to demonstrate its expertise and professionalism in aircraft recycling and remanufacturing. The team is dedicated to discovering more sustainable uses of the disassembled aircraft to overcome the aviation supply chain challenges with our airline clients alongside the ESG development of the aviation sector.”


Mr. Ed Wegel, CEO of Global Crossing Airlines, remarked, “We are delighted to have partnered with UAM on this important project for GlobalX. The door trainers were well designed and engineered to maximize their use by our In-Flight Training team as we ramp up to train over 300 flight attendants per year.”

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