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CALC delivered the 2nd Brand New A330-200 to Air China

China Aircraft Leasing Company Limited (CALC) successfully delivered another brand new A330-200 to Air China Limited (ACL) on 13th July 2012. It landed at Tianjin Binhai International Airport on the morning of 15th July 2012. This aircraft is the second A330-200 that CALC delivered to Air China under a Sale and Lease back transaction.


CALC delivered the 2nd Brand New A330-200 to Air China 


The A330-200 aircraft is a popular aircraft among airlines world-wide and has become the most popular wide body passenger aircraft in China. This new state-of the-art airliner allows ACL to lower its operation cost while also offering its passengers an enhanced in-flight experience.


CALC has provided ACL with competitive leasing and financing structure which contributes to ACL’s growth strategy. With a focus on China, CALC is expanding into global emerging markets, providing innovative and dynamic leasing solutions to its clients in a flexible and efficient manner.


CACL has strong shareholders: China Everbright Limited (CEL) ,Hong Kong-listed,is a subsidiary of China Everbright Group, a Chinese government-owned enterprise,holds equity interests of 44.14%. China Aerospace Investment Holdings Ltd (“CAIH”), a state -owned company, whose major shareholder, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, is a conglomerate directly managed by the central government, holds 8.05%of equity interest. Friedmann Pacific Asset Management Company limited (FPAM), holds 45.43% of equity interest.

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